Paul V

- J'aimerais lancer ma chaine YouTube

- Refacto logiciel Curecall en cours 🕺

- Focus mental trading à la rentrée


If no one remembers you, you’ve never existed.


just make something you're proud of


Lets get the space


Hello, I wanted to leave a message, so here it is.

I sure think you're into the process of making something cool, so I'd try to do that too. So we, or rather, everyone can share the cool stuff they do.

Whatever it is, if you're liking it, keep it up.

willow xyz

keep it up, your output is great --;"'


When you need to rest, make sure to fully rest. Even if you're standing still, holding on to all of your mental baggage will only tire you out. Place it on the ground and let it sit for a while; it'll be there for you when you're ready to pick it back up and take that next step.


"The things we carry should lift us up, not weigh us down. Memories, love, and hope are the lightest necessities. "


I now see life's many colors, feeling like I truly exist.

I've got wonderful friends, a place to reach, and the burning desire to get there.

Now, I just have to do the work.


You've made it this far,

Our lives are all different. Over the years you'll change.

If you'd like, leave something behind.

An actualization of where you are right now.

This place will be here for you, forever.

Mathieu S

Nous sommes ce que nous pensons.

En 2022/mi-2023,

Je serai entrepreneur SaaS

J'aurai voyagé en Corée du Sud

J'aurai mon permis

J'aurai perdu beaucoup de poids


Can't wait till the next generation won't know what Hololive is. Probably for the better. We can go lower though, I'm sure. Writing this while I still exist.


I'm just doing what feels right to me, trying my best to make something im proud of.


We've talked about this at length, didn't we?

I'm in a good place, and I'll strive to take it even further.

Slowly, I'll internalize the passions that matter to me, make them my own, and create, too.

I'm sure you will as well.

Ashton Simeon

there is no correct path forward,

make as many mistakes as you need to,

love, life, and happiness


I have the capital and the tools. Now I need to make the vision come to life.


hate everyone but most importantly yourself

willow fae

a body in motion... will finish the marathon :)