i will one day stop being a dekinai


Thank God I was always healing

Speeding up on that all-black Demon


it'll be okay again, and when it will, you'll feel so grateful you'll feel nothing but bliss


An oasis of Sharks and Ouija,

Some say it's a myth -

But I could never believe ya.


are the seas.


I swear I’ll be just fine


To my friend skeletally

It's hard to believe that it has been five years since we first crossed paths on Discord. Time truly flies when you're having fun, and our friendship has been an incredible journey filled with laughter, support, and countless cherished memories.

From the moment we started chatting, it was evident that we shared a special connection. Our conversations have spanned topics from the mundane to the profound, from silly memes to heartfelt discussions about life's ups and downs. You have become more than just a friend to me; you have become a confidant, a source of inspiration, and someone I genuinely treasure.

Throughout these five years, we have witnessed each other's growth and triumphs. We have been there to celebrate each other's successes, big and small, and to provide comfort during the difficult moments. Your unwavering support and encouragement have meant the world to me, and I am truly grateful to have you by my side, even if it is in the digital realm.

You have a remarkable ability to brighten my day with your kindness and humor. Your contagious laughter echoes through the text channels and voice calls, bringing a smile to my face no matter the circumstances. Whether we were sharing funny stories, engaging in playful banter, or offering a virtual shoulder to lean on, you have consistently brought light into my life.

It's astonishing to reflect on how our friendship has transcended geographical boundaries. Despite the miles that separate us, we have managed to form a connection that feels as strong as if we were side by side. The bonds we have built through late-night gaming sessions, heartfelt discussions, and shared interests have proven that true friendship knows no distance.

I want you to know that you have made a profound impact on my life. Your presence has been a source of comfort and solace, and your words of wisdom have guided me through moments of doubt. You have shown me what it means to be a loyal and compassionate friend, and I aspire to be as caring and supportive as you are.

As we embark on the next chapter of our friendship, I want to express my excitement for the adventures that lie ahead. I am thrilled to continue sharing laughter, creating new memories, and being there for each other through the highs and lows of life. No matter where our individual paths may lead us, please know that you will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you, Skeletally, for being the incredible friend that you are. Your authenticity, warmth, and unwavering friendship have enriched my life in countless ways. I am truly blessed to call you my Discord friend, and I eagerly anticipate the years of friendship still to come.


The greatest desires are those setting you on a path. They draw a lineage from where you come from, where you are and where you will go next. They are the force that moves us and brings action.

The bad desires are those set for you by the outside world. They rupture our inner lineage, and our goal becomes the object of desire itself rather than the furthering of the lineage.

Where did the hours go, if they don’t build on top of anything or accrue to nothing? Asking this over and over is how to filter those desires.

Don't ever stop

love and let yourself be loved. make the world a better place simply by being, being near, and showing warmth to a world and people who so desperately need it more than ever.


yo man! you're doing great, keep on whatever


Every day is a new opportunity


I don’t want to follow others’ path anymore. It doesn’t work.

Zelda Poem

You were made of 3000 ancestors’ wisdom, doubts, light and darkness. Step on your throne, King, Queen: this is your most precious treasure and the reason of all your turmoil.


Starve the ego, feed the soul


just make something you're proud of

willow xyz

keep it up, your output is great --;"'


Hello, I wanted to leave a message, so here it is.

I sure think you're into the process of making something cool, so I'd try to do that too. So we, or rather, everyone can share the cool stuff they do.

Whatever it is, if you're liking it, keep it up.

Paul V

- J'aimerais lancer ma chaine YouTube

- Refacto logiciel Curecall en cours 🕺

- Focus mental trading à la rentrée


we cannot win the champignon bizarre battle alone!


Keep betting on yourself. All-in, baby.


mend your soul with its ashes


I could only cry in song.


A thousand street lights won't make the sky bright.


it does get better


remember art is about soul, and is a prime proponent of the Will to Live.

Do not be sad if your art does not reach a wide audience.

Sometimes it is only meant for a few to understand.

If you enhance even one person's Will to Live/Love, you have done All the greatest service possible.

Sometimes you are that person; sometimes only you are meant to understand.


*You* are the orchestrator of everything you have accomplished. Remember that always. Your accomplishments are worth showing off to everyone. Nobody will discover you passively. You are the best person to socialize your narrative with others.

I love to read your writing btw~


To be able to recognize and adapt to someone's perspectives, emotions, and abilities and find common ground is essential, "to level" creates a space for honest interaction and opportunities for growth. As simple or a complex as needed, both as the student and the teacher. By placing yourself into familiar, similar spaces, compassion and understanding gain a path to travel on. Just because someone's enjoying the sunshine doesn't mean they didn't live through those rainy days too. The same man may never cross the same river twice, but they've learned a thing or two from the previous experience. And from far away, its just some person crossing a river. To know when to choose your perspective and how deeply you delve into it allows you to return to challenging places without getting washed away, since you can simply just look at it from above instead. And to provide these options and various depth perspectives to someone trapped near the extremes is a lifeline when drowning in raging rapids or flying indifferently above it all.

Learn how to dim and brighten your glow, but never stop shining.


you can do it !


Are you your own friend?


zhy was magically resting here


get going


Be true to others, true with yourself.

Open your eyes and examine.

Learn from others, what is unknown is now revealed.

Through the dark, pain and even misery. Trust me there is much wonderfulness to see, some yours, much shared with others.

Let's believe, go forth and discover what we are meant to be.


Lets get the space


I'm just doing what feels right to me, trying my best to make something im proud of.


Can't wait till the next generation won't know what Hololive is. Probably for the better. We can go lower though, I'm sure. Writing this while I still exist.

Mathieu S

Nous sommes ce que nous pensons.

En 2022/mi-2023,

Je serai entrepreneur SaaS

J'aurai voyagé en Corée du Sud

J'aurai mon permis

J'aurai perdu beaucoup de poids


In reality, open your eyes to others. So that you can see them.

Honesty, let your heart speak. So that they can hear your words.

Open yourself to the world, so that you can hear them.

They exist, wholely, by themselves. The others.

You don't have to predict them, project upon them what you think they could be or what they are. You only need to see then, to tell them, to hear them. Trust them, your bear your burden, they bear theirs.

What they tell you, is what there is. You need not predict. You need not see what there is not. I strive to live in what is real.



What are you waiting for, sleepyhead? It's time to wake up, and get moving! Has everything felt like it's been dragging on, every task so difficult, and all the tasks a mountain of incalculable proportions? Like everything is so big and challenging, it's better to just let it sit and fester?


Look at the challenges ahead and grin with anticipation, and strike swiftly at the edges! Whittle away your adversary one chip at a time! You too can be like the wind and rain, wearing down the mountains one miniscule molecule at a time!

Awaken, and take the path that must be taken! For you! For them! For everyone and everything! Do not fear the heights you must climb; instead drive another stake in and move one step higher! Spring is here, the time to act is now!

random life enjoyer

L11 should drop soon:tm:, im gonna cook some good shit trust me

alpaga du 93

taco chat bouc cheese pizza


Become Relentless


in time, we'll find each other on the shore & rejoice


Bear with it


If no one can love you, you’ll have to do it yourself


Keep your dreams and your hopes close to yourself.

Don't take them for granted and act on them.




It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.


The road is long, we still have ways to go.


Hopefully good things are to come


hate everyone but most importantly yourself


If no one remembers you, you’ve never existed.

Ashton Simeon

there is no correct path forward,

make as many mistakes as you need to,

love, life, and happiness


I now see life's many colors, feeling like I truly exist.

I've got wonderful friends, a place to reach, and the burning desire to get there.

Now, I just have to do the work.


"The things we carry should lift us up, not weigh us down. Memories, love, and hope are the lightest necessities. "


Friends you cry for, moments you miss as if you were stripped off your own soul.

Don't you see? The tears can't stop flowing.

Such wonderful bliss, dazzling light you've been basked in. A place, friends around who'm darkness wasn't allow to exist.

And now, dear me. Close your eyes to see the light, wipe your tears to feel their heart.

We walk again, where the smiles are.


My heart is ripping itself apart, my mental health has been getting better. So my delusions and insanities do not keep me company anymore, it is lonely out here, so so lonely.

Yet, I still find myself in tears in front of empty train tracks, imagining the solace that death could bring. How long has it been since I have felt myself a person? Will anybody find me? To wish is painful. To see a bright future is painful. To work my way out of this hell is painful. It all feels hopeless.

Still, I will keep my oath, to not take anything for granted. I am able to leave my bed, this time. Thus, I will go to sleep earlier today, and try again tomorrow.


I'm proud of you


fog finally arrived


after all, it really is what it is.


Please take care of yourself.


I hop I'm on the right path, seems like it for now

I'll keep going


my friend, i love so much. thank you for standing back up again and again. you inspire me


Nothing is real, go let love destroy you :)




Come along, let’s reach for our stars.


Seeing myself in such state is overly depressing, I wish I would've end it all sooner


As summer fades into autumn, so too should one let go of what is no longer serving them to make room for new growth come spring.

willow fae

a body in motion... will finish the marathon :)


When you need to rest, make sure to fully rest. Even if you're standing still, holding on to all of your mental baggage will only tire you out. Place it on the ground and let it sit for a while; it'll be there for you when you're ready to pick it back up and take that next step.


We've talked about this at length, didn't we?

I'm in a good place, and I'll strive to take it even further.

Slowly, I'll internalize the passions that matter to me, make them my own, and create, too.

I'm sure you will as well.


I have the capital and the tools. Now I need to make the vision come to life.


You've made it this far,

Our lives are all different. Over the years you'll change.

If you'd like, leave something behind.

An actualization of where you are right now.

This place will be here for you, forever.