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What is Progress?

Progress is my attempt at getting better at the things that are meaningful to me and to strive for life.

It takes the shape of a fictional system that tries to grow from the ground-up, knowing nothing and having to learn everything it needs for the majority of subjects, some features are pre-programmed like speech and basic videomaking skills (quite the plot!).

I've been meaning to be a programmer, a mathematician, an artist, and many more! All these things I've been letting get past me, convincing myself they're unattainable due to the fact I have no will to do anything to get there. Spending my life imagining and daydreaming about lives where I led myself to get there.

A few months elapsed since I got away from my bedroom lethargy and started to work on this project. I found myself in bad shape, unable to focus for a little more than 30 minutes, lacking in energy, battling against the vicious chains wanting to get me back into the comfort of waiting for death. I'm getting better and I wish to show myself and the world the constant improvement of my system, my life.

In complement to blog posts and tweets about what I do (or other things!), videos are definitely planned and will be on their way once I've made sufficient things with Blender to make them, I'm not aiming to make a masterpiece, just something at least decent.

This is a lot of work, probably much more than I can fathom right now, maybe I'll end up with 12 hour days of fully focused study, that'd be one hell of a feat for me. In any case, it is a journey of perpetual improvement, hopefully making beautiful things bloom as a result.

Ultimately, I just want the system to keep running.